Sofa Cinema

‘Screen Argyll are excited to host a new programme of Sofa Cinema. Join us, wherever you are, on Zoom every Thursday at 8.30pm for a post film discussion, to meet new people and share ideas.

Every week a different film will be chosen from our collection on Stream Argyll ( and a different host will lead the online discussion. You could watch along with us at 6.30pm (or whenever suits you!) then grab a brew and join us to discuss the film on Zoom at 8.30pm.

Email for this weeks zoom link and to join in the discussion!’

23rd November – 


“This is the best day ever…Welcome to Barbie Land!”

Barbie is living her perfect life in barbieland when one day her life gets turned upside down due to an existential crisis. Her life starts to become not so perfect, so she travels to the real world to try and fix whatever issues may have occurred. On her journey she realises that barbieland is very different from the real world and is shocked by what she experiences.  Ken follows her along on this journey and has many realisations for himself which changes how he views the world and everything he thought he believed in. 

30th November –

I Know Where I am: Michael Powell’s Island Worlds

Michael Powell was a filmmaker with a remarkable feeling for landscapes and the emotions they evoke. He came from the ‘heart of England’ but he was also passionate about the highlands and islands of Scotland. He was a firm internationalist, especially in his partnership with Emeric Pressburger. His story approach to stories meant that the locations he chose also prompted the fantastical and in this illustrated talk we explore both the ‘real’ and the imaginary island worlds of his films from Shetland and the Inner Hebrides to the Great Barrier Reef.

7th December –

Past Lives

This film focuses on the reunion of friendship. When Noras family decides to leave South Korea she loses her childhood best friend. After 20 years these friends reconnect, it makes Nora confront many feelings and reconsider the decisions she has made in the past. The film is a gentle, emotion filled story of love. 

14th December –

The Wolf Suit

Director Sam Firth has created a personal documentary style film which focuses on her happy childhood prior to her parents break up. The film is created though exploring her and her parents past memories and video diary entries. She uses actors to improv scenes and uses her parents as co-directors. The theme of the film is childhood trauma, family dynamics and how everyone has their own perspective of the past. 

4th December –

The Old Oak

The Old Oak is the last remaining pub in the town as mines are closing and people are leaving to find work. Thus, leading to available and affordable housing, making it the perfect place to home Syrian refugees. This film follows the journey of two communities and how they can come together to help save the fading town despite their differences.