BFI Film Feels: Hopeful

Screen Argyll and SO:AR present:

Take Flight a Touring Film Programme and Tailwind Film Weekender

Screen Argyll are delighted to be working with Island Arts Collective SO:AR to deliver a film-based weekend and touring programme as part of the BFI Film Feels: Hopeful season. The programme on Jura also acts as a centrepiece of their ‘Take Flight’ project which is part of the CHArts Argyll & The Isles Placemakers Micro Cluster Networks programme, funded by Creative Scotland.

SO:AR is a collective of artists, makers and arts activists who live and work on the Isle of Jura. Their aim is to make Jura a place for everyone to be, and for that place to be somewhere that offers the opportunity to be involved in shared activity, experience, and self-expression with the people around you.

Screen Argyll has worked with SO:AR to curate a programme of films and activities, building on ideas explored by the Artists collective SO:AR including Slow media, with knowledge of the past what would you take into the future?  How do we process the last 18 months? These films and activities bring communities together and provide a platform for conversation. Keeping activities light in touch and playful, enabling communities and individuals to reflect and discuss, bringing thoughts and ideas which radiate out into communities through the shared experience of film.

Part of the BFI Film Feels: Hopeful season The Take Flight programme and Tailwind Film Weekender will take place on the Isle of Jura over a weekend and across the Small Isles and the Isle of Tiree throughout August. Some of the films will also be available on Screen Argyll’s virtual screen with resources and created by SO:AR, enabling audiences to take part wherever they are.

Jen Skinner, Screen Argyll:

We are delighted to have the opportunity to develop a programme as part of Film Feels expanding on the work that SO:AR have been exploring on the Isle of Jura, through their ‘Take Flight’ project. We will be asking the audience to reflect on the last 18 months, opening up the conversation across Argyll and the Isles as well as online. Enabling communities and individuals to reflect and discuss, exploring thoughts and ideas which radiate out from communities through the shared experience of film. We can’t wait to get screening films again and this programme is a wonderful way to start!

Take Flight Film Programme

Small Isles, Outer Hebrides

Isle of Eigg

Sunday 8th August Belleville Rendezvous (12A) Eigg Community Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 17th August Coming of the Cameron’s Eigg Community Hall 7.30pm The Edge of the World Eigg Community Hall 7.30pm

Tuesday 24th August Goodbye Lenin (15) Eigg Community Hall 7.30pm

Monday 30th August Back To The Future (PG) Eigg Community Hall 6pm

Isle of Rum

Tuesday 10th August Coming of the Cameron’s Rum Community Hall 7pm

Back to the Future (PG) Rum Community Hall 7pm

Friday 27th August The Edge of the World (U) Rum Community Hall 7pm

Sunday 29th August Belleville Rendezvous (12A) Rum Community Hall 2.30pm

Isle of Canna

Wednesday 11th August Coming of the Cameron’s Canna Shearing Shed 7pm

Back to the Future (PG) Canna Shearing Shed 7pm

Friday 13th August The Edge of the World (U) Canna Shearing Shed 7pm

Isle of Muck

Friday 20th August Coming of the Cameron’s Muck Community Hall 7pm Back to the Future (PG) Muck Community Hall 6pm

Tuesday 31st August The Edge of the World (U) Muck Community Hall 7pm

Inner Hebrides:

Isle of Tiree:

Saturday 7th August Belleville Rendezvous (12A) An Talla 7pm

Saturday 14th August Back to the Future (PG) An Talla 7pm

Wednesday 18th August The Edge of the World (U) An Talla 8pm

Tailwind Film Weekender 


Isle of Jura:

Friday 20th August Good Bye Lenin! (15) Jura Hall 7pm

Saturday 21st August The Edge of the World (1937) (12A) Jura Hall 11.30am

Cardboard De Lorean make-off exhibition Jura Hall 6pm

Coming of the Cameron’s Jura Hall 7pm

Back To The Future (PG) Jura Hall 7.10pm

Sunday 22nd August Belleville Rendezvous (12A) Jura Hall 11.30am

Good Bye Lenin! (15)

Wolfgang Becker’s affectionate and poignant account of a son’s efforts to ease his mother’s awakening from a coma to a world that has changed.

What if the last year hadn’t happened in your community? How can we change our local archives? What if you were to rewrite your local paper and imagine an alternative to the last year?

The Edge of the World (U)

Made in 1937, directed by Michael Powell. A classic story of a Scottish Island who’s inhabitants must decide how to address their future. The film was made over four months during the summer of 1936 on the island of Foula, in the Shetland Isles and is loosely based on the evacuation of the Scottish archipelago of St Kilda. 

We invite communities to reflect on the future of their island with a post screen discussion. How has the pandemic impacted on this? What positives can we draw from the last 18 months?

The Coming of the Cameron’s (1944)

Archive film from the Moving Image Archive at the National Library of Scotland. The film follows a Glen Clova postwoman, Jean Cameron, on her rounds on a bicycle and over rope bridges. It documents her request for uniform trousers for post women (rather than skirts), due to the nature of her which involves interactions with cattle and other highland obstacles.

Back To The Future (PG)

Robert Zemeckis’ glorious adventure that immortalised Michael J Fox as Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd as barmy Dr. Emmett Brown, and which gave us THAT car.

If you could write yourself a postcard from the future, what would you say?

Make Your own cardboard De Lorean using ideas produced by SO:AR

Belleville Rendezvous (12A)

Sylvain Chomet’s thoroughly delightful, animated feature is touching, hilarious and so French you can taste it. It playfully alludes to Jacques Tati, and lightly sports influences from Betty Boop to Walt Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, but it really is one of the most bracingly original things I have seen for a long time. Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

What new habits have you taken up over the last year? How can we retain a slower way of life now that we have reopened? With COP26 happening soon what can we do differently as islanders?

Here’s the link to the full BFI Film Feels Season: 

and an article reflecting on the last year for Film Feels by Jen Skinner: