Rural Audiences

Film screenings bring social value by bringing local people together in communities where arts and cultural provision is limited. 

The universal appeal of film makes it an ideal focal point for activity, capable of drawing people from across the community to events. 

This brings particular benefit to older age groups, families and those on low incomes who might otherwise struggle with the cost, practicalities of travelling to their nearest commercial venue. 

Links with local schools have also been established, highlighting the potential for community exhibitors to contribute to learning in formal education settings. 

Our Educational resources and work with schools covers everything from emotional wellbeing to careers and fostering self expression.

The enjoyment of hosting film events can promote social inclusion among those taking part and combat feelings of personal isolation all too common in small and remote communities, particularly among older adults. 

Volunteering can also help to develop new skills and showcase existing talents, which can, in turn, build confidence and self-esteem. 

Just as importantly, participation in events hosted by community exhibitors can bring financial benefits to other community amenities, like village halls, pubs and shops, in the form of much needed revenue from venue hire, refreshment sales and increased custom around screenings. 

Indeed, residents will often attend events in recognition of the wider benefits that support for local amenities brings to the community. 

“The film is nearly always the last thing on the list of reasons why audiences attended, with the social element being the strongest”